Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Tribute to Ryan's Particularly Large Head

So as of last night, I wasn't going to make this cake.

I made three yellow cakes for sampling for the wedding cake - and NONE of hem turned out particularly good, or anything like he yellow cake I know from a box :( they were very much like pound cake, and quite dense and/or flavorless. After last night's total failure, I got really mad, and told Dan to dispose of all cakes for the night. There would be no tribute cake!

After work I had 2 hours before people came over, and Dan hadn't gotten rid of the cakes. So I had two round layers of two different yellow cakes. I found a cake mix in the cupboards, and made one more layer while cleaning the house. Basically, I frosted and fondant-ed his cake in well under 30 minutes, on a warm, fresh baked cake. It's ugly as far as technical execution goes, but it really did serve it's purpose - you see.. oh it's too hard to explain, but it's supposed to represent a balloon with a sharpie drawing of Ryan's face on it - this balloon (the real one, not the cake) has represented Ryan by sitting in his chair at work for the last month or so. Anyway.. here's the cake.

The only part of it I was acually happy with was the end here.

And Ryan cutting his head.


Sue said...

I am laughing right now. It's perfect, or was. I saw right away it looked like a balloon - very well done. Did you all have fun?

Ammy Lea said...

Thank you :) We did have fun, Rockband Friday has turned out to be a pretty cool event. Nice chance for us to all get together outside of work!

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