Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mixer on Overdrive

Today I made stuff.

  • Yellow Cakes
    For Chris and Brandy's wedding cake, they requested a yellow cake - so I'm testing out recipes as I find them. Conveniently, we are having many people over from my work this Friday to play Rockband, and one of my coworkers will be visiting from a long-haul TDY to D.C. - so in honor of him and his particularly large head, I will be making a cake to honor him - out of these test yellow cakes - two birds, one stone. So, each batch I'm making one round tin of cake, and one mini-bunt for Chris and Brandy to taste. I made the following today

  • One batch of m.m. fondant
    This is for the next test humming bird, as well as to cover the Tribute to Ryan's Particularly Large Head (if I have enough left over after the hummingbird, might need to make more)
    Also, I used some (3 tbsp) meringue powder in this batch - I want to see how that effects the hardening of the fondant

  • One batch of gum paste
    This is also for the hummingbird, I used gum-tex and glucose which I picked up recently from Michael's. Gum Paste is, from my understanding, a more versatile (yet less tasty) version of fondant which dries hard

  • One batch of butter creme frosting (no chocolate or flavor yet this will be for the wedding cake testers, as well as the Tribute to Ryan's Particularly Large Head)

So yes. Lots of mixing, lots of baking.

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Sue said...

Sounds like you have a plan for Ryan's head? What fun it looks like you are having! I can't wait to see what happens next.

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