Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's like a tornado blew through here

My kitchen is awful.
It's tiny (tiny!) and always a mess. An organizational nightmare, and unkempt hellhole - except for those days which I am cooking a cake (or of course, other food) which I intend to serve people, or people are going to see my kitchen. All other times all bets are off.

And so, today I shall attempt to remedy this. I will go through the cupboards, I will match Tupperware lids with Tupperware bottoms, I will throw away the bag of prunes hiding behind the cans of vegetables which I am rather sure I purchased for cookies made Christmas before last, I will purchase shelving and storage to contain the massive amounts of sugar, flour and electrical appliances that I own. (now including an ice cream maker!!!!!)

By the end of the day - I hope - I will have a clean, and useable workspace.
There will, of course, be photos. Unless I fail.

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