Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh the humanity!

Ok, so I forgot to take before pictures... oh well, they would have been depressing anyway. I'm no where near done - just bored of this project for now.

So, I spent nearly every penny of a recent anonymous* donation to the Cake Monkie Enterprise on organizational needs at Target. I've been needing to do this for a very long time - and Dan and I have decided that we should start purchasing flour and sugar etc in bulk from Costco, since I'm blowing through it - and he wants to start making bread at home.

Anyway. Two metal shelving units, a wooden shelf, a drawer organizer, and 4 Tupperwares (and a new set of measuring cups, since previously we only had 2 1 cup measures and a 1/3 cup measure... they come together, on a ring, how does this happen?!) later...

My new cake-making storage center- you can see over the bar into the pile of "crap I haven't yet found a home for."

New wooden shelf over sink provides more shelf space in the cupboards for food items - something we desperately need.

Not an exciting photo, but whatever.

And the ominous prunes, ready to strike at any moment.

*By anonymous, I mean my Mommy


Sue said...

What are the stickey notes?

Ammy Lea said...

I'm not entirely sure, links to the post made by other people, I think?

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