Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I forgot about this place!

Quick update.... butt cake is this week. So far red velvet with cream cheese swirled in .. for you know.. ribbons of fat..
Yes, i'm going all out on gross for this, at specific request. It's fun too.
Although, it's harder than you'd think to find a proper photo at a proper angle of a not-so attractive male rear end.
Anyway... photos of that project soon to come. You know you're curious.

Other things I've been doing..

Cinnamon Roll Cookies - posted by Megan at The Black Oven.
These were *to die for*
Litterally. You felt the butter coursing through your veins moments after consumption. evil evil evil...

These will be some of the christmas cookies I make, for sure.

I got an air brush!
Oh boy it's messy funtimes. To practice with it, I made poker chip sugar cookies for Dan's friends to eat while they watched Vegas movies - in preperation for thier Vegas trip last weekend.

I made waaay too many and sent them to work on my way to the Spa.

The Spa! I went to the spa with Erin and it was most excellent. I spent the *entire* day there. Massage, Full Body Scrub, Facial, Pedecure, Manicure, Saunna... mmmmmm.. so lovely. We have vowed to take a mommy-day more often.

And last but absolutely not least.. Des has become my sous-baker. She is an excellent helper, and loves it! We made Erin's Peanut-Banana-Chocolate Bread together.

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