Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Apple Pie - Oh my!!

You heard that right - Pumpkin AND Apple in one pie.

Randomly thinking this would be good, I did some net sleuthing and came across a few recipes. Turns out it really is just pumpkin pie + apple pie.

The combination brings about various contradictions though...

Pumpkin pie is best cold... apple is best warm!
Pumpkin is eaten with whipped cream... apple best with ice cream!
Pumpkin pie is single crust... apple pie is double-crusted!

What better way to solve all of these issues than by making one? And so I made two.

I used this recipe - except for the pumpkin pie part, I made half of the Libby's recipe - because in my family, pumpkin pie ain't pumpkin pie unless it's Libby's.

The recipe does not call for a top crust, but the conflict between pumpkin and apple pie bothered me enough that I was forced to make a compromise with the crust cutouts which I placed on top after the 20 twenty minutes of baking, when I removed the foil.

Not surprisingly, this was a very very tasty pie. Strangely though, it didn't taste anything like I thought it would. Certainly there was apple pie and pumpkin pie, and all the flavors you'd expect, but the textures were different, and the flavors melded in the most wonderful way.. Dan described it as a sort of apple cobbler.

Either way, I am very much making this again. It doesn't replace a pumpkin pie in any way, but it may be my new favorite over pumpkin pie.
Oh, and I served it warm, with whipped cream.
I was exceptionally please by the results.


Sue said...

yummmm. feel like making another one in a few weeks???

Kristijoy said...

oh no are you gonna kick me out of the family? pumpkin pie ain't pie unless I grew the pumpkin!
and I prefer whipped cream on both pies. and pumpkin pie warm.
oh dear....I have been in Portland for too long.

never mind the pie will be gluten and dairy free and low sugar this year to accommodate both B and D's food allergies! What's pie with out the carnation sweetened condesned milk?! I donno I'll let you know...

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