Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oatmeal Cookies, Snickerdoodles, and PUPPIES!

Chris and Brandy came over last night, in desperate want of cookies. I promised the making of cookies.. but it was soon discovered that I didn't have the necessary supplies, and we were all quite saddened.

So today, I went to the store and got stuff. And then made Oatmeal Cookies and Snickerdoodles! I shall bring some over to C&B later tonight.

The oatmeal cookies didn't turn out as well as the recipe usually does, which was sad. But they're still oatmeal cookies!

The snickerdoodles, however are AWESOME. I have had this great book, Big Fat Cookies from my Mom for probably more than a year now and only cracked it a few times to drool over the recipes, never to make any.. but now that I've tried one, I'm going to try them all, as soon as possible!

What are the rules about posting recipes from cookbooks on a blog? Can I do that? I dunno...

Anywho... what's been keeping me out of the kitchen lately?
The hunt for a dog! Finally, our family was ready to bring a dog back into our lives, and so we have been going to the local shelters quite frequently, looking for the right dog for us. Yesterday, we brought that dog home, and named her Gabby.

She's of unknown breed (likely Dachshund, maybe terrier or chihuahua as well), and unknown age (totally seems to be a puppy, has her adult teeth, maybe 1?).
She's fun, she's energetic, she's *houstrained*, she's extremely tolerant of toddler antics, and she's cuddly!

So yes. Happy happy happy happy.


Wandering Coyote said...

Snickerdoodles rock!

Cute puppy!

Kristijoy said...

She looks part mini doberman too. cuute.

Sue said...

Yay for cookies and puppies!

LiamsMommy said...

I'm so happy that you're so happy about the dog. I myself am not a big dog lover, but that picture of Des "hugging" the doggie is adorable. I expect some of those cookies at work on Monday. I will be bringing a few halloween treats in myself.

Ammy Lea said...

Coyote: They do, and thank you! We're greatly enjoying her presence in the house :)

Kristi: Yeah, that or manchester terrier (they look almost exactly alike to me..?). After seeing her with Izzy (C&B's dog) I'm going to rule out chihuahua

Mom: Fer sure! I can't wait till you meet here. Too bad Shadow would have a hissy fit, I'd bring her next time we visit!

Erin: No cookies for work :( I only made half batches, and sent many home with Gemma and C&B they's all gone!! I did almost finish the cloaks this weekend, if that's any consolation. They wouldhabeen done tonight, if I hadn't fouled up a HUGE seam.

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