Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Blogging is weird for me. For a while I'll think about if I could blog about what I'm doing at any moment of the day - and freak out if I don't have the camera readily at hand.
Other times, I entirely forget I have a blog.

Anyway. Here are a few things I've been working on.

First off, the table. The table is done! The wall-table has been posted on freecycle, and the new table is in use and happy.

Next - Pineapple Upsidedown cake for Dan's Mom's birthday! Lucky me - My Dad, Dan's Mom, and Dan all request this desert on thier birthdays! (almost unluckily though, their birthdays are all within 2 months). This is the first time I made the cake from scratch, and I tweaked a few other things... next time I want to tweak that even further. Once I get it right in my eyes, I'll post a recipe.

Two bloggers have recently posted recipies which caught my attention - Cinnamon Roll Muffins (Cupcakes, come on), and Cinnamon Roll Cookies - I want to make both, so I polled my coworkers on which they would like to try first. Cupcakes won by a landslide - 10 to 3. So that's what I made! They nummers. These were posted by Joy The Baker (who took them off of Baking Bites).

Mine are hardly as pretty as Joy's, but they're tasty! (I don't want to put frosting on them until they get to work, messy!) And I have tons of leftover cream cheese buttercream from an old project that goes so well with them!

Next week.. Cookies!

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Sue said...

Ohhh. Cinnamon roll muffins....they look so good!

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