Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friends and Food

Chris and Brandy have come over a few times now for dinner - they bring something, we make something, our powers combined - we eat awesome food!

This last week was no exception. Dan and Brandy were in charge of this meal, and it was stellar.

Chicken burgers with slices of grilled pineapple and thousand island dressing. Roasted veggies, and fried rice. It was awesome!

The burgers were *really* big. Des's was practically the size of her head! All of us had something of a struggle taking bites of those monsters.

I'm pretty sure we're doing dinner again tomorrow... I need to clean the house!
And make something for tomorrow!

1 comment:

Circus Monkey said...

Tasty burgers... :)

We gotta do it again!

Plus, I have somethings for you that should be given on the 12th, or as close to as is able... Let me know!

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