Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cookies cookies cookies COOKIES!!!!!!!!!! (Part 1)

My birthday happened recently.
My sister sent my way an assortment of cookie cutters and candy molds that made me giddy - a butterfly set I'd been eying, and a bunch of totally cute animal cutters - totally random too!

So, of course - I had to make me some cookies!
I finally found a fantastic sugar cookie recipe that actually works for me - the dough holds it's shape as it cooks, and the cookies come out soft yet firm - perfect!
As usual, it's a recipe I found on AllRecipes - which if you haven't noticed already is one of my favorite recipe resources.

As I was babbling to Erin about my cute new cutters at work, she asked if I would be able to make some cookies as favors for a baby shower tomorrow - of course!
We decided that the person the shower is for is so random (no, he's like crazy random, in the more awesome way) that the cookies didn't have to - and perhaps shouldn't - make any sense whatsoever.

Thanks Kristi for giving me a frog and camel cutter - the perfect totally odd pair of animals!

This was my first time using the color fill method for frosting - and considering that I'm totally happy with the results. This is a great technique that I really want to play with some more. (and man do I need to work on my piping)

These cookies will be paired up and put into cello bags tied with blue and light blue ribbons. I'd take a photo - but they aren't dry enough to bag yet!

Thanks Kristi - I can't wait to make a huge batch of bumble bees! I think that's my favorite cutter! (oohh.. I could also make flies for a poo cake. someone request a poo cake so I can make some flies!)


Kristijoy said...

Flies for froggies!
ack there were so many random cookie cutters. I need the squirrel one they have and the acorn. B and I have a thing for our city squirrels. They are our pseudopets.
I am so glad you like them!! I debated not getting you cooking stuff but caved when I saw a whole site devoted to cookie cutters.

Kristijoy said...

OH and I made cookies today too! I have been craving a soft chewy cookie and failed at making/finding any for a while now. SO I totally macgyvered a batch of what I am calling gingerhazlenutbreadspice cookies. NO recipe, this was all free pour estimation and mad kitchen science! (helps that I need a hair cut and my hair is all crazy mad sciency right now.)
made with vegan margarine and palm oil shorting instead of butter. and with flour real flour, these cookies are allll mine.. hehehe. and they are everything I wanted, chewy soft gingerbread/peanutbutter cookie like. (even though I used hazelnut butter...anyways) I think the gods of food sacrifice finally took a moment of pity on me. usually when I make up a recipie for baked goods it = "uhmm..this is interesitng kristi. ahem. "

sorry for the mad ramble I think I ate too many cookies. they are also fully loaded with sugar. which is also rare these days...!

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