Friday, August 29, 2008

A sweet summer day

I mentioned a "personal" blog.. well.. sorry to disappoint, but, here it is! Dividing the two seems silly, I'd never update, so here and there I'll post smatterings of life amongst the powdered sugar, oven and spatula.

Today started out rather rough. I had some trouble with work which kept me telecommuting all night. I did not sleep - and ended up at work at a lovely 5:30 am. This did however have some benefits

  • Driving to work I saw a deer, and about 50 fully clad soldiers. The dear was grazing, the soldiers were disembarking a bus and queuing up to get checked off on a roster. I assume they were going to do some back Ord training.

  • I had the first few hours at work in total peace. During which I did an insane amount of work, as well as was able to enjoy a lovely sunrise over the Fort Ord fog.

  • Oftentimes, on a Friday before a long weekend, we are given the opportunity to leave 59 minutes early (yes, 59, not 60). This was one of those - so being that I got to work so early I was able to leave early in the afternoon.

Aside from these things, I was deliriously tired a good portion of the day (I remember when I could stay up multiple days in a row and not feel as loopy as I did today).
When I got home, we all went out to the Child Development center to see if we could get Des signed up for the daycare waiting list. We aren't sure exactly when we will start needing it, as plans are nebulous right now as we try to work out what will be best for the family, but we figured we should at least get the info and give them ours so that getting in when we need to will be easier. Turns out the people we needed to meet with about this also got the 59 minutes of administrative leave - and so we didn't really accomplish much.
After this, we went to the park. A family outing to the park - together! I came armed with the camera.

It turned out a rather nice day, and there's still evening left :) Tomorrow Des and I will meet up with the Boyds to see the labor Day parade in the morning (if I succeed in waking up in time)

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Sue said...

What a nice start to a lovely long weekend. Love you all.

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