Saturday, August 30, 2008

Small Town Labor Day Parade

Apparently Marina has had a Labor Day Parade every year for the past 39 years. I've lived in Marina for about 8 years now, and this is the first time I've seen the Parade (or, uh.. heard of it..)

So anyway, we were supposed to try to meet up with the Boyds, but an early morning conversation gave me the impression it started at 10am, instead of 11 am as I'm sure Erin actually said (oops..) So Des and I got there very early and sat in the single set of three level bleachers that were brought out for the occasion. A definitive part of Marina's character is that the weather is unpredictable. Yesterday was warm, sunny, beautiful... today however was cold and foggy, which means that my lack of foresight to this left Des dressed in a skirt and tank top - so she spent the parade wearing her daddy's sweater, which was luckily available in the back of the car.

Sweet little girl in Daddy's sweater
I didn't take photos decent enough to truly represent how small and.. sad this parade was. It was cute, there was lots of fun had, but man.. when one of the most entertaining (because I was crying inside for Marina and the sadness) parts of the parade was a bunch of dancing moneybags advertising RaboBank.. well.. you know it's a sorry situation.

Dancing money bags

But anyway.. after the parading there was food and a small petting zoo, Des enthusiastically pet the little goats, and was so good with them - sadly, I spent so much time taking photos of old cars for Dan, that the camera's battery only lasted a moment in the petting zoo.

Very cute indeed.

A few more photos of the parade..

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Sue said...

It's days like this you will remember and you two are so cute!! Love you.

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