Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm so full of lies. And I bought new toys!

Ah ok, so I said I was going to work on a personal blog.. but I'm liar. I did, however, update this blog's layout - granted, I didn't make the layout, just updated the banner to match and chose one of Blogger's templates.. but I'm rather fond of the new look.

My current project is a cake for a friend's girl. While I highly doubt she even knows this blog exists, I'm going to keep the planning under wraps - however, I will divulge the items which I am working on for this cake. Among various other ideas I had and am working on for this cake, many of them so far being rather big failures (note: 2 liter bottles literally crumple under the heat of poured sugar), the most recent is sugar shot glasses!

These molds by Fred (a favorite designer of household things - I want prettymuch everything they sell) are made of silicon - which means two fantastic things for me and sugarwork - they will be able to withstand the high temperatures - and I will be able to get the candy out once it's hard!

While shopping, i gave in to pressure from Amazon to get my products faster for free and signed up for Amazon Prime for a free 1 month trial and ordered these two other ice cube molds to maximize the use of this free shipping fantasticness - for future candy making joy.

Oh the joy! Toys are awesomeness.

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Sue said...

I like the new look! SO, about this new blog.....?

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