Friday, August 1, 2008

Really Big Cupcakes!

I have a large co-worker. Not large like you are thinking, no, large as in very tall. Big guy! He's like 6'7" or something. So anyway, one day, he was in Costco when he saw thier cupcakes - big cupcakes for a big guy! Cupcakes that would make him feel "normal"! He was so excited that it was decided these cupcakes must be purchased and brought to the weekend BBQ. I caught wind of this and tsk'tsked the cupcakes, assuring them all that i could make larger, better cupcakes!
So I did.
Least, I think I did. I, however, have a high opinion of myself.

I also made normal cupcakes, the size difference between the two is best demonstrated in the below photo, which portrays Des enjoying a normal every-day cupcake, and Zeke (the tall guy) consuming a GIANT CUPCAKE.

I should ahve made tiny cupcakes too. Next time!


Jennifer Zandstra said...

Those look amazingly delicious...

Kristijoy said...

That child is spoiled! We never got to eat so many cupcakes when we were wee! ;)

What did you use for the cupcake tins? Look salmost like a cannele mold shape. Speaking of, since I couldn't remember the name of canelles (and I really want to try making them someday but need the special tins and, really, why do I need a bakeware item for one purpose? I don't. anyways...tangent over.)

I found this: http://

Ammy Lea said...

Jenn - they were really good! But they were also about the equivalent of 1/8 a cake, so they were rather ridiculous... in that lovely cakey way, of course.

Kristi - I have no idea what a cannele is O_o The pan I used reminded me of something you'd use for popovers -

They even sell King Sized Cupcake papers!

And I was so going to make a giant cupcake-cake with that pan, but it cost too much for an on-the-spur-of-the-moment baking event :( I haven't figure out what you'd use as a liner for it yet either - maybe the giant coffee filters we had at Starbucks? I dunno.
So now, what is a cannele?

Kristijoy said...

it's a french pastry cake thing that is supposed to be carmely crunchy on the outside and gooey custardy in the middle. try the Paris bakery in monterey to see if they have any to try out.

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