Friday, January 2, 2009

Ah the bounty!

The holidays seems to have eaten into my desire to blog.. maybe that a good thing - I can focus on life instead...

I thought it would be fun to post the exciting items procured during the Christmastime whirlwind that is my winter Holiday.

From my Brother in law and his wife (sister in law in law?) - Hello! Cupcake - a book I've quietly coveted online, but would never have afforded myself the luxury (Thank you!) So many cute cakes.. Des loves this book as well.

From my Sister, who responded to my request for arm protection (I currently have 3 healing burns on my left wrist.. it's pathetic) with super cuteness (and I hear some seriously awesome failed effort to do it herself <3 ) these awesome mitts (Check out their website for some uber adorable aprons!) - If you know me, you know that these two mitts really are like old-me meets new-me (I had like 6 parakeets when I was 12 - bird crazy)

And my Mom provided me with much awesome in the kitchen.

One of those super awesome push measures for sticky liquids - for the spoon sizes ( keep picking these up and putting them back before I get tot the checkout in the store)
A set of small cookie cutters (I've been hunting for something just like this for fondant useage)
A pretty cake decorating set of items from Wilton
And a scoop measure (perfect for shopping nuts, veggies, etc.)

Also - monies to spend at Sur La Table - my new favorite online shop! Oh did I have fun on that shopping spree - they were having a winter sale too, so I think I got a decent about of stuff from the cash!

This will be awesome for my next multi tier cake!

These are so cute! I got the Unicorn (!), Butterfly and Dress

From this set I got the shooting star - I love it!

My SilPat is getting worn out - it's got cuts in it :( so I ordered another!

I constantly *almost* buy the leaf mold when i'm at Micheal's

Tiny fruit shaped cutters - sure they're for linzer cookies, but they could do so much more!

While my current verification of conversions involves running to the computer and looking it up - my computer could do with some less flour in the keys, so maybe this will help!

In making about 10 Krantz this holiday - I often needed to measure more than 1 cup of liquid, so I got myself a 2 cup measure - sadly, they just told me it's on backorder, so I'll have to wait.

And these - this are just *cute*

And there it is. I have more happy to play with than I think I can handle. The joy is thick in here!

Des wasn't left out of the baking funtimes, though! From each of her gransmothers, she got some super cut cookie baking fun!
From Grandma, she got a wooden slice and bake cookie set - the cookies and frosting stick together by velcro! Des is constantly feeding me cookies! (and she uses the mitt when she opens her little oven, so cute)

From Nana she got a real cookie baking set- cookie pan, cutters, apron.. we made cookies the other day! Des cut them out herself. Totally cute.


Kristijoy said...

Sur la Table has a store front in Portland... and then there is Kitchen Kaboodle... you know... for when you get to visit again... ;)

Sue said...

What a great thing you did to blog! Yay, I missed you! course, you have been rather busy.....maybe we need a road trip to Portland!

Sue said...

Oh, and can I order a Sparkey and a Lenny cupcake? What a cute book!

Ammy Lea said...

We so do need a road trip to Portland.. although, I used up a ton of leave this winter, so some time will have to go by before we can do that :(

Isn't it a cute book? Lol. Apparently Des found on that looked like Gabby too. We'll totally have to make the doggie cakes!

Rick in Salinas said...

Stoked that you liked the book! I hope to soon have tasty yummies to sample!

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