Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reactions to Purple Cashemere

I took the batch into work and here are some reactions... as I guessed, lavender is a rather particular flavour for people...

"Lovely!" *takes another*

"I like it.. but it's not my favorite.. I mean, it's a cupcake, of course I like it!"

"I like *this*" (me)'You mean it's not soapy?' "Yes, the first time I had lavender it was soapy, but this is good!" (she mentioned earlier in the week that her first experience with lavendar and chocolate was a soapy disaster)

"I don't dislike it - it's an interesting flavour though -it's not what you would expect. These would be excellent for a garden party!"

"I like it! But I think the chocolate on top (frosting) is unnecessary, maybe lemon instead?"

"I'm confused. My nose says I may have just eaten soap. But my tongue says, no you didn't."

"Oh wow! Surprisingly that was a really good balance."

"Hmm. Different. It's good! But different. Definitely taste the lavender." *has another* "These are good!"

I myself have eaten 5 (they're mini cupcakes.. so..) :-O


Sue said...

I REALLY wish I lived next door!!! I can't imagine what they taste like. If Des likes them, I approve!!

Ammy Lea said...

You keep saying that :-p I'm sure it could be arranged on our Co-op.

Kristijoy said...

lavender is appriciated as a food in my circles. so. go lavander cupcakes!

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