Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sneaky Bear

To make him I used the Wilton Teddy Bear pan to get the basic shape, pressing dyed rice crispie treats in with all my might to get a dense and strong shape, trying to pick up all of the details of the pan.

Turns out rice crispies really aren't that strong, so it was lucky I decided to paint this guy with chocolate rather than using butter cream or fondant - since the former two really don't add any structural integrity - chocolate however, dries hard and is great to work with.

First I coated him with a layer of melted white chocolate - tinted blue, to fill in the cracks and try to even the shape out. After which I painted him once more to get the texture I wanted.

Next some detailing with more tinted white choclate..

I used bittersweet chocolate clay for the button eyes, nose, and mask.
The sai and shuriken are from gumpaste (previous posts) painted black and then heavily dusted with silver shimmery goodness.

Last minute addition:
I used some of the leftover chocolate clay to make a pair of nunchaku. (the rest of the leftover clay will go towards making Annie a small town of stick figures which she has expressed desire in being able to eat each in one bite) Seems the oil-based nature of chocolate won't let me paint them with waterbased food colouring (maybe if i made a paste with powdered sugar?), or the chain would have been silver. oh well!


Brandy said...

Each creation is more and more impressive. :) Very cute!

Ammy Lea said...

Muchas Gracias Senorita!
One of the sai broke on the way into work today :( I had to use tape!

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