Sunday, April 27, 2008


Erin and I got together today to make Ninja Teddy brownies! They are sweet-awesome.

Making all these brownie cut-outs made for lots of leftover brownie bits, so we decided to make Bakarella's mini-cupcakes! Maaan they are more work than we expected, but quite cute, and we didn't waste* all the leftover brownie bits! Photos to come in a later post (once I take some)



Cyndi said...

What a great idea!

Sue said...

I sure do wish I lived next door to you! I could help with the leftovers :)

Ammy Lea said...

Erin and I had a strict rule* that eating of brownie bits was to be punished by a firm slapping of the hand.

*this rule was not enforced.

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