Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Test Fondant - A Quilt

So, my mother's birthday was coming up, and my husband unwittingly made the absurd suggestion that I create a quilt cake. I didn't think it was a joke, however, I loved the idea! So, I had to find out if it was something I'd be able to pull off.

My mom has has had one of her quilt designs published, it's called Asilomar Sunset - so I thought this would be the perfect design to use for her quilt.

Lucky for me, the book layed out all the instructions - piece sizes, number of fabrics... I figured the best way to go about this would be to make a single fondant fabric for each fabric in the design. This turned out to be 11 different designs. (Erk!)

I marbled, I kneaded, I squished and rolled out fondant for a good few hours, and in the end had 11 different rolled out pieces of fondant. Two of the fabrics in the quilt were florals - so I pulled out a paint brush and dye and painted right on the fondant!

After the fabric was complete - then came the cutting and piecing. This took far less time than I thought it would, however I only had a straight edge and a knife, so many pieces were not quite the right sizes to fit.

After laying all these pieces out on wax paper, I realized I would need some way to place it all on the cake - so I rolled out a large piece of leftover fondant, layed it on top of the pieces, and rolled it all together, to stick the pieces to the fondant.

Not the best idea. in the end the pieces became misshapen and the yellow fondant backing mooshed out between the pieces. It worked, but it was ugly.

Anyway.. in the end I knew that although the technique would need some adjustment - the idea was plausible.

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Bakelicious said...

Oh very good mum used to use left over pieces of cloth to sew them to together like this..we call it patch work...and what a good idea for a cake or cupcake.
I am always on a look out for new ideas to work on a cake. Made one from a jigsaw and placed it on a cake. Thanks for sharing.

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