Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Cake - the Lumpy Duck

My mommy said that my last cake was the kind of thing you needed a blog for. So - hey.. here is a blog.
I recently started to play with cake decoration - and since starting, have been totally hooked. It's only been 3 months now, but I've spent so much time and money already... Anyway.. the next few posts will be about cakes I've done already, and how. Just to catch things up.. and then I'll use this place to muse, post projects etc etc....

This is the first "creative" cake I have ever made. It was a test cake for my daughter's first birthday - to see if I could do such a thing as make a fancy pants cake like those on Ace of Cakes.

As you can see, the results were.. questionable.

This was the first cake made in the duck mold (one big mold you fill half full and cook) I used a carrot cake mix, and it did not at all finish cooking in the middle.

The next time, I baked the duck with a pound cake mix - much more sturdy, and it cooked much better. However, much of my problems ended up being with me learning how to work with and make the marshmallow fondant recipe that I had found online (fabulous site, learned a lot here). I used *way* too much Crisco, and it was slippery and shiny - also the fondant cracked like crazy when I placed it on the cake - so i smoothed it out with a wet finger, and that made the texture really slick.

For some reason, I thought that the aerosol food colouring (Micheal's and my local Upermarket carry this) would soften the shine - sadly, it just made things far, far worse.

I took this cake to work to be consumed. It was a very tasty pound cake.

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Unknown said...

You're hilarious! Cake looks good, though.

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