Sunday, July 6, 2008

An Itsy Bitsy Wedding

My friends Chris and Brandy were legally wed yesterday (Yey California!!!) in a small ceremony. I decided to make a small wedding cake to mark the event - because you just have to have cake! It's fashioned to look like a single sugar cube (we always gifted Chris sugar cubes for her birthday, it's an old joke/tradition - and coincidentally yesterday was also Chris' birthday!)
The interlocking hearts are poured sugar.
The cake was a simple white cake.
Chocolate ganache between the layers.
Violet buttercream and white chocolate fondant, all dusted with loads of sugar.

I really wish I had gotten better photos. I need to actually start staging things instead of taking haphazard, last minute "OH! I should blog this!" photos.


Kristijoy said...

super cute, yay california!

Sue said...

Awesome! I love the hearts!

Brandy said...

You make one tasty cake, my friend! Thank you again, it really bought the little ceremony together. We were thrilled. :)
Yay California...and Ammy!

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